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Every day is the same for Amos McGee. He gets out of bed, eats breakfast, leaves his house and heads to work. Amos McGee works at the zoo. Every day he plays chess with the elephant, races the tortoise, sits with the penguin, takes care of the rhinoceros and reads to the owl.


sit quietly with the penguin (who was very shy),

lending a handkerchief to the rhinoceros (who always had a runny nose).

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But one day Amos McGee is sick and does not go to work. The animals are worried and wonder what has happened to him. Later that day the animals leave the zoo, ride the bus and head for Amos McGee’s house. The elephant plays chess with him. The tortoise plays hid and seek. The penguin sits with him. The rhinoceros hands him a handkerchief. They make a pot of tea and owl reads him a story before they all go to sleep.

The illustrations are pen drawings, the colors soft. Only the characters and certain elements of the story are colored, drawing your attention to them.

The story is simple but it teaches daily routines and kindness to others. And that the kindness that you may show will be returned to you.

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